8 quick takes- Cobblers, Peter Pan and P0rn

Posted in blah blah,kids by littlemissmel on the February 11th, 2013

1) Man, is it all serious and drab over here? I need to bust out the puppies and rainbows, or something. GAH. Thank you for the kind words. It’s something I’ve dealt with for many years, but only recently taken on another level. Appreciate the thoughts.

2) So, I changed the radio station to hear Rush mention a study out of some university that found that people who accept same-sex marriage are more likely to watch porn than those who oppose. Then, he suggested that Obama, who had originally opposed same-sex marriage, must be a porn watcher due to his change of heart before the election. I just don’t know anymore…

3)Rt starts baseball this week! He is still doing basketball, so these next couple of weeks should be interesting. Plus, Hola is starting t-ball for the first time! If you need me, I’ll be the gal at the baseball fields running after Peppa for hours at a time. (I’m ecstatic for Hola to play. He’s been waiting for THREE years on the sidelines. Now, it’s finally his turn. Very cool. He asked me the other day if he got to wear a shirt with a number on his back and after I told him yes, he got the sweetest grin on his face. OVER A NUMBER.

4) Rt was cast as Peter Pan in the mini-musical his school is doing after school. It definitely pays off to be one of the few boys out for musical theatre! We purchased the original movie this past week when it came “out of the vault.” He was glued to the tv. I think it’s the first time I’ve seen it since I was a little kid.

Isn’t he the CUTEST?!? Tights, even!!

5) J and I are going to be painting our bathroom cabinets and walls this weekend. It’s time to start getting our hands dirty on updates to this house that don’t cost thousands of dollars. Trying to decide what color to paint the walls. The tile, that will remain for quite sometime, is a gray/baby blue. Anything that will compliment that? I was thinking of a cool sage.

6) We had my brother/sister-in-law over this weekend. Their youngest is the same age as Hola. All the kids had a great time pretending to be pirates at the park and ride bikes around the neighborhood. We don’t seem them as much as we’d like, being only under 2 hours away, but with 7 kids between the four of us, we’re all quite busy, especially on the weekends.

7) If you are ever driving up to North Lake Tahoe, you need to stop right after Auburn at a place called Ikeda’s. They have the most AMAZING pies and cobblers. (Their mango salsa is to die for too!) They do run you $20, but they are worth it. We had some type of berry cobbler and all of us we’re drooling after each bite.

8 ) Rt has been playing basketball since January. It’s his first time playing and J’s first time coaching, as well. They had lost their first 5 games, 4 by 2 points or less, until Saturday. They won their game by 5!!! To see all the kids jumping up and down hugging each other was so elating to see. Very proud of those kids.




  1. S got Peter Pan for his birthday this weekend, and it was my suggestion to his aunt. Man, I didn’t remember that movie being so offensive! All of the cattiness and Tinkerbell trying to have Wendy killed and Hook with his “A jealous female can be tricked into anything” … Goodness!

    And my boys loved it too, so of course I’ll let them continue to watch it. Ha!

    Comment by april — February 11, 2013 @ 11:02 am

  2. What a cute Peter Pan you have there :-)

    Also, I always seek Ikeda’s in Davis off 80, but have never stopped in. HMMM PIE.

    Comment by Home Sweet Sarah — February 12, 2013 @ 8:23 am

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