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Posted in blah blah by littlemissmel on the October 20th, 2011

(I wrote this en route to the Blathering. I believe our plane was somewhere over New Mexico. The guy next to me even starting reading this since he recognized the word “penis” and had to find out more. Riveting, I tell you!)

1. I do not bring shampoo and conditioner on any trip. It takes up way too much room and I don’t have the patience to try to pour them into those pesky bottles. It almost put me under trying to do it for my hospital bag. Either I’m not gone long enough to need another hair wash or I buy some drug store kind and leave it behind.


2. I like to talk. I took a flight one time and was put in the middle seat on the last row. I thought I would either die a slow death being crammed in between two people for 3 hours, or I could strike up a conversation with one. While exiting the plane the man said, “If I ever happen to fly the friendly skies again with you, I’ll be happy to tell you my life story.” Hey, it got me through a rather tight-fit situation. A little gabbing was necessary.


3. I have a strange knack for remembering the oddest things. When I talk to you I might bring up something you wrote about yourself a year ago. I can probably remember where on my page your tweet was when I read it. However, I cannot remember to pick my kid up from school on early days.


4. I also never bring a hairdryer, flat iron or curling iron while traveling. I tend to ask to borrow each item from whomever I am staying with. I think I’ve lived around too many men for too long. Less is more and I can’t justify how much room those puppies take up in my bag. However, on this trip, I did pack the flat/curling iron. My bag did weigh 43 lbs too. (Also, the last time I did take my hair tools with me I left them in the bathroom. I also did not notice I left them behind for TWO MONTHS. Clearly I was terribly focused on my hair this summer.


5. I like to say “It’s just me and the penis” anytime anyone calls out I have three boys. It doesn’t matter who it is. I have no shame. My mother-in-law might have found it humorous. Not sure. The jury is still out.


6. I filled out my Blathering Questionnaire two days ago. As in the last possible moment to do so. (Sorry A’Dell.) I thought it would take me oodles of focused time to be comical and endearing. It didn’t take me that long at all, but I also can’t tell you if I was funny or not. Oh well. I got it done, right? That also brings us to this post. I am writing it on the plane a mere 1 1/2 hours from landing in Austin. I plan to publish this at some point before the get-together tomorrow. Talk about last minute.


7. I haven’t lived in Oklahoma for almost 13 years, but I still say I am from there. I am not sure I can ever say I am from California. I think I’d be lying if I did so.


8. My ancestors were in the largest land run of Oklahoma in 1893. A girl had to sit on her land while her dad went into “town” to look for work. Of course, all I can think of when I imagine this is Nicole Kidman and Tom staking their land. Not the best mental picture…


9. Since I can actually drink this year, you may find that I still sound like I am from these parts. We’ll see, shall we?


10. I barely wear makeup. I will have makeup on this entire weekend because I GET TO, but I have no time to put it on normally. I am sure I probably DO need to wear it, but no one has pulled me aside just yet. However, I don’t think I can trust my husband to tell me anything important like that. I told him I had my upper lip threaded for the first time the other day, thinking I might have seen a shadow where a shadow should not be. (!!!) What did he say? “Ya, I thought I saw something a couple of times while we were on the couch.” WELL, WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY ANYTHING? Good GOD. I have NO problem sharing my “you might want to do something about that” to him.


11. I do not shave my legs often. (I did this morning. no worries.)


12. I still sleep with a pillow on my head. I brought one with me in my suitcase. I have been doing this for 7 years since I was pregnant with my first baby and could not stand hearing my husband breathe in the middle of the night after returning to bed from a bathroom visit. I mean, COME ON. The breathing. the LOUD breathing. AGH.


13. I like meeting new people. I love events like this. I’m a social girl. I can’t wait to FREAKING LAND THIS PLANE. Let’s GO already.


  1. And I still say I’m from Ca ;)

    Comment by Danielle (elleinadspir) — October 21, 2011 @ 4:05 am

  2. See you soon!

    Comment by Jessica — October 21, 2011 @ 4:52 am

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